Networking Services

Lucid Source is dedicated to providing a solution to anyone who needs confidence in security. Our full-service company offers a wide range of security systems, including but not limited to Fire Alarm systems, CCTV, Intercom solutions, and Sound systems to protect your properties. Our services include full supply and installation, maintenance and monitoring, and reliable service.

  • CCTV Services
  • Intercom Solutions
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Sound System

CCTV Services

Keeping your property secure is a priority, and CCTV systems may help you do so far more effectively High-quality CCTV systems can help you keep track of all activities in and around your property, from early identification of illegal or anti-social behavior outside your premises to monitoring and recording of happenings inside, including any accidents Lucid Source offers a wide range of digitally improved equipment, including High Definition cameras, intelligent storage and retrieval procedures, offshore monitoring and response, and interaction with complementary security systems to increase performance, capability, and flexibility

Intercom Solutions

Lucid Source specializes in intercom installation and repair Our clientele includes households and business owners who need intercom systems installed or repaired Intercoms may make communication more accessible and more efficient regardless of the sort of property you own Professional system design and installation are not the only things that may help you reach this aim; developing a maintenance strategy is also essential to avoid disruptions in your everyday operations Our technicians have the knowledge and skills to design and manage the optimal system and strategy for your home or business

Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm and detection systems are a critical component of life safety When a fire strikes, time is essential, and fire detection systems are designed to identify a fire in its early stages, allowing for the safe evacuation of building inhabitants Fire alarm systems also alert people to the presence of a fire and offer crucial information to emergency responders regarding the fire's location Lucid Source maintains and checks various fire alarm systems and installs systems for various properties Our personnel has received comprehensive training and expertise assessing, installing, and maintaining fire alarm systems Our technicians are constantly trained in the ever-evolving technology that underpins the systems, and they are experienced in inspecting, installing, and servicing fire alarm systems

Sound System

Lucid Source specializes in installing professional sound systems for venues of all kinds, large and small We provide tie lines, installed speaker cabling, and patch panels to ease connection to speakers, amplifiers, processors, mixers, and audio sources, and we offer and install entire audio systems Our sound solutions are tailored to your specific requirements and facilities, and our knowledgeable staff will assist you from the initial consultation through the design and installation of your system We have experienced designers and technicians at Lucid Source for sound system installation requirements for all types of venues We can also assist you in ensuring that the proper equipment is installed for the long term